Speed Test Setup


Setup Your Linear Sprints Using the Speed Section

Setting up “Speed” Tests are fairly simple and quick to do using the JAWKU App. This will most likely be the most commonly used section of the JAWKU App as you can track Short and long distances using the JAWKU Speed Technology.

Test Under 400m Setup:

When setting up a test under 400m the phone should be placed on the JAWKU Speed Cone or the JAWKU Accessory Tripod at the finish. Once the phone is placed that the finish line press the ready button and walk back to the start. Once at the start get in your stance interact with the JAWKU and take off! (See Diagram Below)

Test of 400m or more Setup:

If you are running 400m or more you are most likely on the track. Since you are on the track your probably asking, wait where do I put the phone if the start is also the finish? The Answer, still the finish! For test over 400m JAWKU has a camera delay allowing the athlete to leave view of the camera causing it not to trigger. Place your device on the JAWKU Speed Cones or in JAWKU Accessory Tripod at the start line. Press the ready button on the camera and get in your stance. Now it is time to interact with you JAWKU Sensor and take off. (See Diagram Below)