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Jawku Seed Set Up Videos:


    1. Charge the sensor out of the box
    2. Download the iOS App or Android App. Android App has been verified for Samsung Galaxy S8 and above & Google Pixel 2 and above Phones.  Android 8 (Oreo) or higher is required for android phone software.
    3. Register or login with Facebook
    4. Complete your JAWKU profile
    5. Press the button to turn on your sensor (it will beep)
    6. Have your bluetooth turned on
    7. Click ‘Pair’ once connected
    8. Name your JAWKU sensor, click FINISH
    9. If the software is not up today click update sensor on the "My Jawku" tab
    10. Once you click test, and go through the process for the first test, the sensor and app will begin calibrating for 120 seconds.  Keep the phone next to the sensor during this 120 second pairing process.
    11. Once done pairing the sensor will be ready to use to run your drills
    12. If you are doing a test or drill that is over 25yrs or out of bluetooth range that is totally fine and the sensor will work perfectly but there are a couple things to note.  Once the athlete is out of bluetooth range the sensor will emit a beep letting the athlete know.  The athlete should run the test just normal as if it was in range.  What will happen is that the camera will now arm itself and be live.  What this means is that you do not want anything or anyone to cross the camera at that point forward because the camera is live and if something does cross it will give an error message that something triggered the camera before the athlete finished.  Once the athlete gets set and starts the run, at a certain point they will be back in bluetooth range and the sensor will reconnect to transfer the start data to the phone and then display their photo accurate finish.  


  1. Press the button once to turn the sensor ON
  2. To turn the sensor OFF, press and hold the button down until you hear a beep (~10 seconds)


  1. Gently remove the device from the back of the JAWKU band
  2. Plug your JAWKU Speed into the charging cradle and plug the cradle into a usb outlet (PC or standalone)
  3. The JAWKU Speed LED will illuminate indicating that the unit is being charged.
  4. Charging time will be from 30 - 70 minutes.
  5. At the end of the charge period the LED will go off.
  6. Remove the unit from the charging cradle and press the button to resume using your JAWKU Speed

Note: The LED will not come on unless the unit's battery has fallen to less than 80% of full charge.


One new thing to note is that when the athlete clicks the button on the watch at the start, they will hear a beep. That first beep is to indicate the push of the button has made the sensor ready for the athletes take off, which has not been present before in other videos and updates. If no beep is heard the athlete will want to press the button again. The second beep that will be heard is when the athlete takes off at the start of the run to indicate the sensor did in fact capture the start and it is a good run. 

1) Always keep the camera clear during the run.  Keeping the camera clear with no one crossing in front of the camera before the athlete does will ensure you get your accurate result.  This will also make sure an error does not pop up on the screen.

2) When doing tests over 20yds, the sensor may disconnect out of bluetooth range. When this occurs, you will hear a beep indicating it has disconnected and that is totally normal. The times that appear will still come across accurate and the reason it lets you know it is disconnected is to remind you to keep the camera clear because when you hear the beep the camera is armed and live. Run the test just the same as if the sensor is in bluetooth range and once the athlete is close to the finish the sensor will reconnect and transfer the start data so it can calculate your accurate result.  

    If experiencing any issues please follow the reset video below and or email for assistance

    If you are experience once of the following issues please refer to the Jawku reset video (times that might seem off, connection issues)

    • At anytime, if the app is having difficulties connecting with your sensor, completely shut down the JAWKU app, power down the sensor and re-initiate the process.
    • The sensor is NOT waterproof. Do not submerse in water at anytime.

    Questions? Please email for assistance.


    Just as we did for the iOS app when it launched, we are also dedicated to making the android app experience perfect as well. The android app has now re-launched for Samsung Galaxy Phones & Google Pixel Phones.  If you are having any issues with your android app beta device, please email us at and we will assist you with the issue, if it is something we need to code an update for we will do that as well!

    If you are experiencing any issues or have any more questions about set up.  We are happy to help you! Please send an email to, and we will either email you back or give you a call to assist.  Thanks for becoming a part of the Jawku family with your products!