Choosing Your JAWKU SPEED TEST (Android)

What are you trying to #GETFAST in?

Picking the drill you want to test is easy using the JAWKU App, but it is important to know what is what! It is time to explore the many test you can do using JAWKU and start your first test!

  • Speed: This is going to be all of your linear sprints. JAWKU already has preprogrammed distances from 10 yards - 800 meters. Don’t see the distance you want to track? Refer to the build a drill setup instructions
  • AgilityThis is going to be anything in regards to quick movements and change of direction testing. JAWKU has the 5-10-5 and the 3 Cone Drill already preprogrammed and ready to go for you! Don’t see the agility test you want to track? Refer to the build a drill setup instructions
  • JUMPPlease use the JAWKU JUMP Setup instructions (Need to purchase JAWKU JUMP? Do so by clicking here)
  • Build-A-DrillPlease use the BUILD-A-DRILL Setup instructions

Select Your Test

1) Go to the “Test” Tab on your JAWKU App

Select the test tab in the bottom right hand corner of the JAWKU App to pull up the below image.

2) Select the Type of Test you want to test

Please select Speed, Agility, Jump, or Build-A-Drill

3) Select the test you would like to track

Press the pre-programmed distance, agility run, or Jump you wish to test

4) Select Your Start Type
  • Movement: Whenever the athlete takes off the test will start. Questions on movement mode? Click here to see the movement mode usage video
  • Audible: A three beep system that captures your reaction out of the blocks. Questions on audible mode? Click here to see the audible mode usage video
5) Confirm your test

Press next to confirm your test selection


Almost there! Move to Step 3: “JAWKU Speed Usage Instructions”” by clicking here