test. train. measure. repeat.

Set up and time the most common sprint and agility events. Or create your own tests with the Build-A-Drill functionality. With JAWKU Speed, you can measure both speed and reaction time. It’s the perfect solution for training and testing so you can maximize your performance when it counts.

speed, agility, and reaction
speed, agility, and reaction
speed, agility, and reaction

Intelligent measurement technologies. Working together seamlessly.

JAWKU Speed’s wearable sensor syncs wirelessly with the customized app on your iOS or Android device. Then the setup and tracking for your drill is simple and totally accurate.

measurement technologies
measurement technologies mobile image
  • 1.
    Set your event and distance on your device, then set it down to be your finish line.
  • 2.
    Then go to the start, and either let your motion begin the measurement or you can react to an audible start.
  • 3.
    Once you cross the finish line (your device), you’ll have the data to tell you how fast you were. (And how quick your reaction time was, if using Audible Start.)

True Performance Unleashed.

Visualize your performance over time and get the accuracy of multi-thousand dollar timing systems condensed into technology that you wear on your wrist and load on your phone.

finish line

Track and visualize your performance over time and track your personal records in the app’s History mode. See how your reaction time out of the blocks affects your overall time, and where your splits are.

Speed for just You. Or the whole team.

Whether you’re working on your own speed or you need to have a measurement system for multiple athletes, we have you covered.

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Jawku Speed Team Pack

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quick to set up. easy to use.

Getting going with JAWKU Speed is simple. Just follow the video to understand how to work with the Speed sensor and app to set up your drills, track your stats and review your data. Click here for detailed instructions.