August 09, 2022 2 min read

 JAWKU Partners with Ragnar

JAWKU is happy to announce a new partnership with Ragnar. JAWKU is committed to providing the most state of the art recover tools for athletes so they can perform at their best. With the athletes in mind JAWKU and Ragnar have decided to partner up and make JAWKU's Muscle Blaster Collection the official "Percussive Massage Therapy Device" of Ragnar! JAWKU Products will be activated at all Ragnar events this year to help the athletes maintain their competitive edge.

What is Ragnar?

Ragnar is about bringing people together and doing something inspiring. The Ragnar event series takes road and trail running to a whole new level where teamwork, strategy, and love for outdoors is needed. Read more about their different events below and see which one you are best fit for.

TrailTeams of 8 run roughly 120 miles—in three repeating loops—on wilderness trails that wind through forests, valleys, and mountainsides. You’ll run day, and night, and day again, sleeping in a temporary tent city known as Ragnar Village.

Road: Teams of 12 run roughly 200 miles—from point A to point B—on city streets, country roads, sidewalks, and bike paths. You’ll run day, and night, and day again, sleeping in vans, grassy fields, or perhaps a high school gym.

Sprint: Teams of 4 run through the afternoon and into the evening - one runner at a time on a loop - hoping to cross the finish line before the sun sets, where an epic party awaits. We basically took a marathon, turned it into a team sport, and added live music and food trucks.

Why Choose Ragnar?

Each trail and road event is unique in its own way, which makes runners want to experience them all! Ragnar events have a great community atmosphere around them and are kid friendly. When you are not running, you are able to experience things such as challenges, movie nights, games, and much more. The community environment they create is a great place to make new and long lasting friendships with your team.

The Ragnar Staff will make sure to answer and questions and offer support to you and your team while you are onsite. They will often try to interact with the Ragnar community in group lead yoga classes, dances, and more. Ragnar also has some volunteers, which are often runners who have done Ragnar events before and can give you tips and tricks to best attack the course.

Going above and beyond the events, Ragnar’s mission of sustainability is the key driving force for the company. This year, Ragnar's missions include; reducing carbon offset, reducing plastic bottle waste, and cleaning up some of the world’s most beloved outdoor travel destinations. The multiple small impacts, from their events, can help create a much larger footprint to help protect our Earth from rising global impacts. 

Do you think you have what it takes to be a “Ragnarian”?

Our JAWKU team is looking forward to see you at the next Ragnar event! You can learn more about the Ragnar Series using the link below! Want to Shop Ragnar Gear? (Click here)

Learn more and sign up for your next race here