If you are having any of the following issues with the JAWKU Speed please follow the instructions below to reset the system.

1) Delete the JAWKU App
2) Delete your apps data from your phones settings

Go into your “Settings” App and find data management. Click Data management and locate the JAWKU App. Click the JAWKU App and clear the data. This will not delete any pervious test results as that is stored under JAWKU’s cloud.

3) Check your phones setting for any software updates
  • If your phone IS FULLY UPDATED please move to Step 4
  • If your phone IS NOT FULLY UPDATED you will need to updated your device to ensure it is running the most updated software. Once done please SKIP Step 3
4) Power Down your device and turn it back on after 30 Seconds
5) Redownload the JAWKU App
6) Follow the original setup instructions

Click here to be redirected to the setup instructions