Downloading the App and Connecting Your Sensor (Android)

Your Greatness Awaits!

Are you ready to #GETFAST? If you are, you just took the first step in the right direction. The JAWKU Speed was designed by athletes for athletes to make it easy and convenient to track your times anytime and anywhere. Let’s get started! 

1) Download the JAWKU App off the App Store

Open your Android Device’s Goggle Play Store and download the “JAWKU” App if you do not see the app, please contact

2) Create and Account

Create a JAWKU Account via email or Facebook. If you already have an account you can log in below!

3) Pairing Your Sensor

Go to the “My JAWKU” tab and press “Pair JAWKU”. After pressing “Pair JAWKU” the system should be searching for sensors. Press the JAWKU logo in the middle of the sensor. The two beeps indicates that the JAWKU Speed is on and is looking to pair. Once the sensor name comes on click that box to pair the sensor. If you do not see the sensor, hard close the app and reopen.

**If you receive three beeps when pressing the sensor, that means the sensor is dead and needs to be charged. Please refer to JAWKU Sensor Charging instructions**


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