JAWKU Speed Products

 JAWKU Speed Timing and Vertical Jump System

JAWKU Speed: 

The JAWKU Speed is the first ever wearable technology that allows you to get laser accurate sprint and agility times using your phone. The JAWKU Speed has been tested against laser gate system such as Zybeck, Brower, and Fusion and is all within .01 of those major timing systems. The JAWKU Speed is the official timing device of USA Football, USA Bobsled, Parisi Speed Schools and many other sports performance centers around the world. With the JAWKU Speed you can now Test, Train, and Track your times anytime and anywhere. 


The JAWKU Jump is an Add on purchase to the JAWKU Speed. The JAWKU Jump allows you to take the JAWKU Speed Universal Sensor and easily switch it from testing Speed to now track your vertical jump. 




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