JAWKU Therapy Products

Therapy Guns

Why JAWKU Therapy Devices?:

JAWKU’s Therapy Guns are professional grade therapy devices. Backed by science, the JAWKU Therapy Guns are providing the proper depth for deep tissue impact, the proper frequencies to provide longer lasting relief and healthier muscle recovery, and the power to break up knots.

JAWKU’s Innovated and patented attachment designs allow you to get more out of your recovery. JAWKU brought the first ever hot/cold therapy ball to market which allows you to loosen up muscles quicker, with heat, or reduce inflammation with the cooling affect. Chrome attachments are used with lotion and oils to allow for a more soothing recovery. The chrome attachments also glide well over athletic fit/grippy clothing so you get smother muscle movements when recovering. 

JAWKU currently works with over 2,000+ Physical Therapy Centers and Chiropractors around the United States and about 300 more internationally. JAWKU’s Therapy Devices have been trusted by health care providers since 2017 and is continuing to innovate to help aid muscle recovery.

How do They Compare to Other Ones on the Market?: 

Caution on Buying Cheap Devices: Many cheap Amazon massage guns you see do not impact deep enough and do not have the proper power to be a true therapy device. While they feel good at the moment they will not provide long lasting impact. Most of these units also have lower quality parts which lead to them breaking and/or stalling out easier which is not a good quality of a good therapy device.

Caution on Powerful Devices: While some other devices may advertise more power and depth, this could cause more harm then good if not used properly. Power and depth are both good factors of a massage gun however in some situations if the frequency is not properly calibrated or too much pressure is applied when using the devices then this could cause more tears in the muscle which can lead to injury.