Important things to note before jumping

1) To ensure the accuracy, Jump straight up in the air keeping legs extended and landing on both feet simultaneously

If you do land with one foot the sensor will give you a false reading or a error message depending on the data given.

2) Do not do any of the following when jumping

- Turn your body

- Reach with one arm

- Kick or bend your legs

Usage Instructions

1) Make sure your device’s Volume is turned ON and turned UP! 

Before placing the phone down at the finish, please make sure your phones volume is on and all the way to make sure you can jump after the “gun shot” sound is given. If your phone’s volume is not on, you will not here the sound. 

2) Place Sensor in JAWKU JUMP CLIP and place the clip below the Ankle bone on the outside of your shoe

The JAWKU JUMP clip should be placed below the ankle bone on your shoe. It does not matter what side the clip is on as long as it is placed correctly. 


3) Place phone on the ground and press the ready button

7) Press the button on the sensor and get in a comfortable jumping position depending on your jump type

8) Wait for the “gun shot” then jump when you are ready! 

In multiple jump feature repeat step 8 after ding occurs signaling a good jump. If you get a buzz, the system read your jump as a bad jump and was not recorded

  • Full Usage Video

  • Full Multiple Jump Usage Video