JAWKU Coach’s Hacks

JAWKU is here to take your coaching abilities to the next level!

JAWKU was designed by athletes for athletes to make testing easier! Over the years the JAWKU Speed technology has grown into a great tool for coaches and trainers to get their athletes data fast and efficiently. See below some of the “coaches hacks” that were developed over the years to make testing using the JAWKU Speed easy and more effective for large group settings. 

Speed Hacks:

1) Hand Start to Laser Finish

The hand start to laser finish was found to give coaches the ability to test more athletes rapidly. Similar to how the NFL Combine runs their 40 yard dash, the JAWKU Speed Sensor can be used to remotely start the time without the athlete wearing the sensor. Watch the video below to walk you through how to run test using the hand start to laser finish method. Click here to see a video on how this works.

2) Creating athlete profiles under one login

In the JAWKU App currently their are no thing as “Athlete Profiles”. However this coaching hacks does give a similar concept using Build-A-Drill. Create a custom drill using the build a drill portion of the JAWKU App. When naming your drill you can name it after the athlete and what drill they are running. For example "John’s 40" or "Alan’s 100m Sprint". Once these drill are created and a result is given. The track setting will separate each drill to track individual data. Just make sure John isn’t running on Alan’s 100m run.

Vertical Jump Hacks: (Coming Soon)