Speed Cones

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Multi-Functional Sport Training Cones

If you can’t test it, you can’t train it. Measuring your performance is the only way to ensure you are getting better. This is why we recommend that the drills and Speed Cones are used with the Jawku Speed Timing System to measure and maximize your results. Use to improve and develop quickness in change of direction, linear and lateral acceleration and deceleration. Ideal for any sport to gain that competitive advantage. Train like the pros with these innovative newly designed cones which allow you to use them as the finish line with your phone for the Jawku Speed! The cones serve a dual purpose to also be a tripod. Quickly improve your acceleration, lateral speed, and change of direction while enhancing balance, rhythm and body control.


  • Cone doubles as tripod for all phones and devices to film your practice, training or game
  • Use cone as finish line for Jawku Speed or like an NFL Plylon Cam.
  • Use cone for selfies and and to capture stable pictures all the time
  • Multi-functional field cones are perfect for speed and agility as well as soccer, football, basketball and all other sports. Designed for use on any surface -grass, concrete, gym floors, cement, artificial turf and more.
  • Use to enhance your agility and speed movements
  • Great for increasing foot speed
  • Comes with training cards including many drills the athlete should master to enhance their speed, quickness, and agility!

  • Perfect cone angle to use as your tripod for your Jawku Speed at the finish line
  • Allows for mastering movements like cutting, bounding and acceleration; improves quickness through foot strike and lift frequency
  • Ideal for athletic training, football, soccer, basketball drills, hockey, lacrosse, tennis, badminton, rugby and more


  • Comes with 10 high quality individual training cones
  • 7.75in tall pyramid cones
  • 6.75in inspired design wide pyramid-base to reduce tipping
  • Wide pyramid base suitable for both indoor and outdoor use; can be used on all surfaces such as grass, turf, hard courts, and cement, and more


  • Thick material and pyramid design outlasts other cheap quality cones
  • Will not break if stepped on


  • Bright orange color and 6.5" height makes them easily visible from far distances


  • Lightweight & portable: stack on top of each for easy storage and transportation


  • Soft plastic and smooth edges are safe for most sports and activities

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