Speed Parachute - Resistance Training Chute

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The Jawku Speed Parachute is made for athletes with serious drive.  Train with this chute to increase your strength and speed. Feel the burn as you challenge yourself.  Whether you're in track and field, football, soccer, basketball, or any other sport, your speed will improve with the use of this resistance training chute. The adjustable 2-inch heavy duty nylon belt is fully adjustable and will comfortably fit almost any athlete. The belt rotates 360 degrees and has a free motion ring, meaning you can sprint in any direction.  With the ability to have a linear or parallel start, you can truly adjust your training to your specific needs. The quick-release belt buckle lets you feel acceleration bursts so you can reach top speed.
  • Training Drill Cards - Included are the best drills with explanations for how to use the speed chute to get faster and stronger! Improve your speed by following the drills on the training cards.
  • This chute is designed for all athletes who train for explosive power and speed at the same time, to help increase muscular endurance, improve your stamina and accelerate faster.  Provides excellent resistance training for improved speed, stamina, strength, and acceleration
  • Chute opens wide while running for overspeed training
  • Made of high quality parachute cloth, built-in mesh panels keep strings from tangling and help stabilize the chute during training
  • This resistance parachute gives a good mild power offering pulling back strength when you keep running
  • Wonderful outdoor fitness equipment for stamina, strength and endurance
  • Accelerated Multi Sport Training - Train with this chute to increase your strength and speed
  • The 360-degree ration belt allows you to train in any direction. When positioned on the right or left hip, it allows you to get off the line laterally.  When positioned at the center of your back, it allows for a linear or parallel start.  Because of the free-motion ring, it can freely slide around your waist while mid-stride to change directions from forward to backward or backward to forward.

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