November 20, 2021 1 min read

Scraper Attachment Head

Have you ever been to a manual therapist and been treated with a technique called “skin rolling”? The therapist pinches the skin between their fingers (picking it up) and pulls the skin away from the underlying structures. Their fingers move along the surface of the skin, continuously picking it up to stretch the subcutaneous fascia.

The Scraper attachment head for JAWKU’s Muscle Blaster V2 is optimized to increase range of motion and mobility by mimicking the process of skin rolling. The Scraper has a wide-edged silicone wedge that grips the skin quickly and efficiently, providing a shearing effect between tissue layers. This gripping technique, like skin rolling, has several benefits:

  • Helps increase circulation and blood flow through tissue layers
  • Helps combat nerve entrapment and tissue immobility
  • May decrease swelling
  • Helps reduce pain
  • Can improve lymphatic flow
  • Helps reduce sympathetic tone
  • Improves nerve function

For best results, use the Scraper for approximately 30 seconds in multiple directions, creating a ripple effect on each region of focus. For example: The Scraper can be used on the upper and lower leg, midsection and upper body. Very effective in the “pin and stretch” technique, where the scraper is applied to the tissue with over-pressure and the limb is moved to create optimal tissue glide.



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