November 20, 2020 2 min read

JAWKU, the premiere manufacturer of performance measurement, training and recovery products has partnered with USA Bobsled and Skeleton as its official training gear supplier. We're excited to provide both our JAWKU Speed portable timing devices as well as Muscle Blaster recovery massage guns to Team USA Bobsled/Skeleton. 

Like many sports for which speed is crucial, results are often decided by tenths and hundredths, or even thousandths of a second. In the 2010 Olympics, both men’s and women’s two-man bobsled gold medals were decided by less than two-tenths of a second. At the beginning of the race a countdown clock with start lights indicate the time for the start release. Then the two or four-man teams push their sled the set distance from the start gate. This push is an all-out explosive sprint with ice-grinding force. The athletes have only a few seconds to accelerate an approximately 500-pound sled and then jump in with efficiency. They then travel travel between 80 and 90 mph with 5G forces in some of the turns.

This is what initially caught the attention of John Wells, Owner and CEO of JAWKU. “There are very few bobsled runs in the world, maybe only 16 or so, so these athletes need to be able to accurately test their speed off the course as well  get quicker and more explosive to maximize their performance. Our JAWKU Speed wearable tech measures speed with the same accuracy as the most effective timing gate systems, but in a very portable form factor and at a fraction of the price. Most of these athletes train in the gym and on the turf where they put in hours each day in order to become stronger and quicker, and JAWKU Speed is an ideal fit. After getting more immersed in discovering the training needs for this incredible sport, I realized that we had other products that could seriously help these phenomenal athletes as well."

These super athletes need special training and recovery products (like JAWKU's Muscle Blaster line of massage guns) to keep them in the type of shape needed to be Olympians. This is why JAWKU is proud to be an official partner.


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