April 30, 2021 1 min read

JAWKU's Muscle Blasters have been selected as official recovery devices for Spooner Physical Therapy, Arizona's premier provider of sports medicine, therapy and rehabilitation services with 22 physical therapy clinics and sports performance training centers in the Phoenix area.

The genesis of the relationship came from JAWKU's partnership with the Fischer Institute, one of the top athletic training facilities in the world, to bring the best of athletic timing to coaches and athletes with the JAWKU Speed timing device. Spooner Physical Therapy has now acquired the Fischer Institute and is excited to bring JAWKU in as a partner for its other locations.

Founders John Wells of JAWKU and Tim Spooner of Spooner Physical Therapy are excited to be able to bring the best of percussive therapy and education to Spooner's clinics and patients. The features of the JAWKU massage guns stood out to Spooner thanks to their strong power, high quality, quiet operation and light weight.

The Spooner and JAWKU teams will be working closely together to bring educational articles, tutorials, and information to Spooner clients and athletes for enhancing their warmups, recovery efforts, and all-around performance.

Watch the announcement video:


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