Speed Training Bundle

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1 JAWKU Speed (includes the sensor, wristband, phone holder, and charging cord. App is free download)

1 JAWKU Speed Ladder

1 Set Of JAWKU Speed Cones

1 JAWKU Speed Parachute 

3 sets of training cards

This speed training package is the most advanced package to get you started on your way to getting quicker, faster, and stronger.  Use the JAWKU Speed with all three speed and agility training products in order to know your times so you can get better each training session. If you can't test it, you can't train it.  Measuring your performance is the only way to ensure you are getting better. Test everything, time everything, add some accountability to your training! This speed package is ideal for athletes to use on the field or in their backyard, as well as for teams and sports performance centers looking to have the total package for training and testing with the highest quality products. Ideal for any athlete to gain that competitive advantage!

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