JAWKU’S Build-A-Drill section makes JAWKU the ONLY FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE PHOTO FINISH SYSTEM on the market. Test what ever you can think of with the accuracy of laser gate systems. #GETFAST

Creating a New Drill:

1) Select Build a Drill on the “Test” tab

2) Select “Create New Drill”

 This will only appear if you have a perviously created drill. If no drills were created you will automatically be prompted to the next step

3) Select Number of Splits

The Number of Splits determines how many times the athletes cross the camera during the test. Select the number of splits depending on the drill you want to test

4) Select Start Type
  • Movement: When you first take off the time will start automatically
  • Audible: 3 Beep system. React off the third beep to get your reaction time out of the gates. For questions on how this works, please visit JAWKU Speed Usage


5) Rename Drill

Click the white box to change the name of your drill. Once done, click next to continue 

6) Confirm Your New Drill

 Confirm your new drill creation by selecting next

7) Setup your Drill and Test!


Build-A-Drill Video Example

Build-A-Drill FAQs:

1) Where do I go to see the results of my new drill?

Once a new drill is created and a test is ran, the times will appear in the “Track” portion of the app. Your most recent test will always appear on top so that it is easy to find

2) Where do old created Build-A-Drill live in the JAWKU App?

Created build a drill’s will live in the “Build-A-Drill” section on the “Test” section of the JAWKU App.

3) How do I delete a pervious “Build A Drill” creation?

A build a drill can be deleted by pressing and holding that drill. This will then give you the option to duplicate or delete the drill selected

Need support or have any questions? Our team will be more than happy to assist! Please to be connected with a JAWKU Performance Specialist!