Test Your Agility

The JAWKU Speed allows you to track more than just linear sprints. Learn how to track your 5-10-5 and 3 cone drill below and #GETFAST

Setting Up and Running the 5-10-5:

The JAWKU 5-10-5 Drill does have a pre-programmed split associated with it as the athlete passes the camera twice during this run

Cone & Phone Placement:

Use 3 of the JAWKU Speed Cones or any cone for this drill. The center cone should be placed and the other two cones should be 5 yards away on both sides (1 cone on each side). If using JAWKU Speed Cones, the cone will be able to hold your phone in the center. If using regular cones, use the JAWKU phone tripod to place you phone over the middle cone. (See Diagram Below)

Running the Test:

The athlete starts in the middle of the three cones. Once the button is pressed, the athlete can either go right or left as it does not matter! Once taking off, the athlete should touch the first cone and turn around running past the middle cone to the next outside cone. Once reaching the second outside cone, touch and turn running back toward the middle cone. The athlete should run past the center cone event though the finish is calculated after passing the center cone. The Jawku speed system will automatically stop off the torso of the athlete.

5-10-5 Example Video

Setting UP and Running the 3 Cone Drill:

The JAWKU 3 Cone Drill is a ONE Split Drill. Make sure no one crosses the camera during the run except for the athlete as the camera will trigger early. This drill is also commonly known as the “L Drill”.

Cone & Cone Placement:

Use 4 of theJAWKU Speed Cones or any cone for this drill. The cones should be separated by 5 yards in the shape of an L. The start should be designated by 2 cones placed 4 feet apart. The phone should be placed on the furthest outside start cone facing outward. If you are using regular cones, place your phone in the JAWKU tripod over the outside cone facing outward. (See Diagram Below)

Running the test:

The athlete should start in between the 2 start cones. Once the athlete takes off they will touch the first cone and come back toward the start line. The athlete will then touch the start line and run toward the first cone. Using a speed turn, the athlete should weave in between cones one and two. After rounding cone two, the athlete will sprint doing another speed turn and finish on the outside of the outside start cone.