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Introducing JAWKU JUMP Vertical Jump Tester

Take your vertical jump testing to new heights! JAWKU JUMP is the newest addition in our Performance Training line of products. JUMP is an app-based wearable clip that measures your vertical jump height. It is light-weight, portable and accurate, so you can measure, train and test your vertical jump anywhere and anytime.


What’s Included:

1) Sensor


3) Charging cord

3) Registration Number



All vertical Jump systems have their own unique way of measuring a vertical jump. The gold-standard recognizable at the NFL combine amongst other organizations is the VERTEC®. While the VERTEC® is popular, your JAWKU JUMP score may differ from a VERTEC® score.


The goal of the VERTEC® is to touch the highest marker possible at all cost. The vertical jump is a strong indicator of acceleration and leg-drive, by measuring the jumper’s lower body strength. This test tells how powerful an athlete is. Power is strength multiplied by speed, said another way the speed at which an athlete can move their body weight across a short distance. Vertical jump shows an athlete’s lower body power in the vertical direction.


The diagram below illustrates why you may get a higher jump measurement on the VERTEC® compared to your JAWKU JUMP.

 The figure on the right portrays proper vertical jump mechanics for measuring and training to increase lower body power. It is a uniform countermovement or non-countermovement jump; Taking off and landing on both feet simultaneously, with legs maintaining a straight or vertical position.


The JAWKU JUMP score may sometimes be 2 to 4 inches lower than the VERTEC® due to the jumper’s body positioning to reach the highest marker. The diagram shows that manipulating your body can result in a jump advantage. This is why the JAWKU JUMP places the Universal Sensor on the shoe. This position negates all the body modifications that a jumper might do when “jump-reaching” to hit the highest possible marker.


The JAWKU JUMP was developed not only as an accurate measurement tool, but as a Vertical Jump Training System.

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